Performllar Tree a Ghost with a Tutu

Halloween doesn’t have to be spooky, why not spooky and cute lol.

Y’all already know Performllar Tree haul. The back base to it is 3 long wood planks which I did paint. it was black and I love it just like that. The reason why 3 was because the ghost is wide.

A ghost can be cute too, so I added a white tutu, made a fancy bow and added ring sprinters.

I had to add 3 coats of white. As for the three plank wood I glued with 3 paint sticks. I believe to display these crafts is to put them on a paint easel, which you can get at Performllar Tree if you’re lucky. Every time I see them I pick some up.

This is definitely my last diy halloween craft. Anything after this is autumn, Thanksgiving and Christmas which I’m dying to get into.

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