DIY Performllar Tree Skeleton Stand

Where do I begin? For thing I want to say is when I saw these skeletons I thought they are funny. There was three different poses but I chose this two because it reminds me of a marry couple lol.

When I got home and read the tag is when I realized it made sense, meaning how they were positioned. They are doing yoga lol. The next day early morning I went back to pick up the third one but they were gone.

I took a wood plaque, painted it black, added chess pieces for legs. I glued a round wood piece to elevate them.

The back piece is a wood clip for pictures. Painted that black and glued it to the wood plaque.

I had Halloween garland and decided to just glue it around the frame.

Now those skulls had enough glitter to make another project. I normally don’t buy anything that has glitter from Performllar Tree but those were the only ones I found. Trust me when I say I tried to remove all that glitter but it was too much. You would think that the black paint would cover it but it was still shining.

I added those skulls to the rim of the frame. I wanted it to look fuller but that was the end of them.

I took a piece of tulle and draped it from the inside and pinned them to the side with bat rings. I also added some around.

Now those big bats was just as bad or even worse with that damm glitter. I glued one to the top and in front of the plaque.

When I bought these I didn’t know what to do with them. At time I had to put it down and back to it when my mind was refreshed.

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