DIY Performllar Tree Skeleton Stand

Where do I begin? For thing I want to say is when I saw these skeletons I thought they are funny. There was three different poses but I chose this two because it reminds me of a marry couple lol. When I got home and read the tag is when I realized it made sense, […]

Performllar Tree Pumpkin Stand

Hey everyone! I have another Performllar Tree haul. I found this piece and really like for my dinning table but needed a little love and a little makeup so to speak. I took the leaf off and added my no brainer criss cross bow. The ribbons which I love is from Performllar Tree. I did […]

Pasteles De Yuca

I’ve been doing this dish for a couple of years to only know I was doing it wrong. Now for this video, when I thought I was recording myself I wasn’t and I have a footage of at least half hour of me coming back and forth into the kitchen not dressed appropriately lol, didn’t […]

Performllar Tree Halloween Calendar

I did another one of those Performllar Tree calendars. I bought about 15 of them about 5 different ones so you can imagine all the decors I can do with those. The wood planks used for this craft along with the ribbons and paint was from Performllar Tree. You can do just about anything with […]

Performllar Tree Fall Decor Stand

I’m going to keep this short and simple. All items from Performllar Tree, I stained the wood piece which is the base and gave it a coat of burgundy and peach paint and why peach you may ask, that’s the only orange I had. I dipped the paint brush in both colors. After it dried […]

Performllar Tree

Why is it that when I think a project I’m about to do is going to be a breeze, quick and simple? This baby here took me two days and I couldn’t make up my mind whether I was going to do a colorful bow or keep it simple. After I cut the ribbons I […]

Performllar Tree Transfer Paper

I suggest you make your way to Performllar Tree and buy these rub-on-transfers. On one parchment sheet which is how many comes in them you have a variety to choose from. Perfect for surfaces such as wood, metal, fabric and canvas. To transfer artwork I used the corner of a credit card. I used wood […]

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